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    Can’t Go Out for Drinks? Our Favorite Cocktail Recipes for Quarantine

    Every now and then, you just need a good cocktail. But in today’s world, where you can’t just run out to your local bar. With that in mind, we decided to share some classic cocktail favorites you can make right at home. Happy mixing!

    The Classic Margarita

    Have margarita mondays with the girls gone virtual? No fear! With this classic margarita recipe, it’ll be like you’re in your favorite Mexican dive. The perfect margarita needs only three things: alcohol, fruit, and ice! You’ll need tequila, triple sec, and lime Juice (or fruit of choice!). Rim your margarita glasses with lime juice and salt or sugar, shake up your ingredients and serve over ice. 

    Voila! The perfect margarita. The beauty of a margarita is how many variations you can try with it. Try with strawberries, mango, mixed berries or even spice it up for the holidays with cinnamon, pear, apple cider, and cranberry. If you’re feeling festive, try this white Christmas cranberry margarita.

    A Whiskey Wonderland

    If you’re looking for a classic bourbon drink, that’s not too sweet, go for a classic whiskey sour. It’s just your favorite whiskey mixed with sweet and sour mix, served over ice with a cherry garnish. If you like a little fizz, swap out the sweet and sour mix with ginger ale and you’ve got yourself a whiskey ginger! To add a fruit element, blackberries go great with bourbon and add a sweetness to your favorite bourbon cocktail. If that sounds good, try this Blackberry Bourbon Smash.


    The Quaran-tini 

    A typical martini is 1 part vermouth to 6 parts gin or tonic. This one made the list for how customizable it is! Use any clear alcohol, any flavored liqueur, put your favorite garnish on a toothpick and serve it in a martini glass! Martinis are also notorious for one of the best things — dessert! If you’re sweet tooth is calling, try this recipe for an easy Chocolate Martini.

    Down in the Islands

    The last on our list is a classic that will leave you feeling like you’re quarantining in the islands! Any tropical drink uses ingredients like orange, pineapple, coconut and comes in lots of bright colors or even frozen and the not-so-secret secret ingredient — rum! If you’re craving a little umbrella and something fruity, try this recipe for a delicious Rum Punch Cocktail.

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