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    Tips to consider when asking your boss for a raise

    In most companies out there today, there are measures that have been put in place to ensure that employees get promotions and subsequently a pay increase. But in the rest of the world, we aren’t so lucky. For you to get a pay increase you have to get it done the old-fashioned way; asking your boss for a raise. Upon initial thought, most might think it’s a bad idea. Asking for a pay increase does seem suicidal in the employment front but it doesn’t have to be. Surely not all bosses are like that but regardless of their temperament, they might think the idea ridiculous unless it is supported with a long list of fulfilments to cushion the request.

    In this world we live in, there is no way that someone who doesn’t trust you or particularly like you will choose to favor you or give you what you want. It doesn’t just work that way. It’s simply the order of things and as such your boss needs to like you, trust you and your abilities and think you deserve a raise before he/she will actually give it to you. Asking him or her after all these boxes have been checked is going to be a breeze, a mere formality. Here are a couple of tips that will definitely get your boss to say yes when you ask him or her for a raise.

    You need to put in the time

    Your boss won’t just sign off on a salary increase if he or she feels like you are not devoted and consistent. Consistency is very important in the workplace. It shows devotion and dedication to a universal goal. When you come to work on time and dock out at the very last minute, your boss will see things differently. He or she will begin to think that you are hardworking and you are a few steps closer to getting a yes when you ask for a raise.

    Increase your productivity

    Staying late is just one part of the entire equation. You need to not only put in the time but the work as well. This needs to be a distinguishable difference in the quality of your work. This will convey that you are as dedicated as you are productive. You don’t have to outshine everyone on your team but you just need to make sure that the boss knows that you provide better results than most of them. This will make you look industrious and dedicated.

    Always help everyone when you can

    This is a very important step in the plan. When you help your fellow workers and employees out constantly, it makes you seem like you care. And in this your helping crusade. Make sure you do not leave the very boss you are trying to impress out. You must make it a point to help your boss when he or she needs it. You could help him or her with the books or help with his or her kid. Anything to ensure that the boss understands your importance.

    Try to be the problem solver

    This is usually the trump card in this endeavor. This is an instance where you come to the aid of the company you work for. There is always bound to be some form of crises sooner or later when you work in an organization. It’s simply a norm at every institution. When these problems arise and they seem like they might be more complicated and challenging than most anticipated, it’s your chance to dig deep and try to solve the problem for everyone. It’s not a do or die situation but getting a raise is all about scoring points with the boss and the best way to do that is defusing a bomb that threatens the entire workplace.

    Getting a raise without getting a foot in with the boss is extremely difficult. Like any reasonable individual, they need to make sure that you deserve the extra sum of money that you are requesting. They can’t simply give out raises without being confident in the recipient’s ability. This is where checking all the boxes come full circle. If you are the great employee who helped when crises struck, you will definitely be on the boss’ list.

    Checking all these boxes will ensure that your request is seen as important and placed above everyone else because you have proved that you are an important part of the team and you deserve a raise. After fulfilling some or all tasks on this list, asking your boss for a raise could get you a sure yes. However, it’s important to note that fulfilling this long list is not an assurance that your request will go through. There could be extenuating circumstances that could prevent the boss from signing off on your requests like budget cuts and seniority.

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