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    5 ways to get a good physique

    It’s no secret that looking good is hard work. Some are born with natural good looks and gorgeous bodies while others have to dedicate tons of time and energy to look good as they want to be. Getting a good physique isn’t always an open and shut case; even those with natural genes have to put in work from time to time. Getting a good physique isn’t something that happens overnight. It has to be deliberate, and there is a need to adopt a particular lifestyle. Certain changes and adjustments should guide your daily activities.

    There are numerous ways to get a good physique; the easiest way is to join a gym and begin a weight lifting training program. In a month or so, you are bound to see changes that should please you but sometimes, the results of all that hard work are covered up by excess fat. Hitting the gym a few times a week won’t cut it. It’s a vital part but not the most important by far. To have a proper aesthetic and balanced physique, one needs to pay attention to all parts of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not just lifting weights.

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    It’s the backbone of the entire enterprise, as important as it is to lift weights to get the glamorous shape you’ve been dying for, you have to eat properly for all that to happen. When dealing with a delicate subject like nutrition, it’s important to establish some ground rules. Different people eat differently. They tend to structure their eating patterns based on their body type. For example, someone looking to cut down a few kilos needs to eat below his required daily caloric intake. This means that there should be no side snacks that aren’t fruits – and definitely no candy bars. They need to watch their fatty food intake, too. On the other hand, skinny individuals need to focus on eating more proteins like lean meats and legumes to bulk up in order to grow muscles.

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    So it’s really a tricky subject, but regardless of your dietary goals, there are certain general rules that must be followed. These rules are:

    1. Stick to whole foods; no snacks or processed foods
    2. Stick to water; no carbonated drinks or sugar-filled juices
    3. Lay off the alcohol; to get an athletic physique you need to lay off counterproductive items like beer. It allows fat to store in the wrong places. Reducing your alcohol intake should have a significant effect on your overall physical appearance.

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    When you’re looking to build an athletic-pleasing body, it’s important to consult with a nutritionist, to put you on the right path. We can provide general advice, but a nutritionist can properly instruct your eating pattern, discuss your body goals, and construct a meal plan that is tailor-made to maximize the effects of your lifestyle choices.

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    Hitting the gym

    Most people assume that hitting the gym entails building up muscle mass through weight lifting exercises and some light cardiovascular exercises.

    Some people aren’t up for the whole looking “buff” thing. So there are bodyweight exercises if executed with perfect form and consistently, can lead to minor muscle gains and body definition. Bodyweight exercises are less effective than weight lifting and, fortunately, it’s not a bad thing. Certain bodyweight exercises provide muscle tones, carve them out, and get you looking good without necessarily causing massive increases in muscle size. A little cardio and bodyweight exercises should get you that dream body in no time.

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    Sleep more

    The average human being needs about 6 hours of sleep daily, but what does that have to do with building a great physique? Insufficient sleep can lead to a decrease in the secretion of growth hormones – which means that your muscles won’t be as big or strong as they should be. A great night’s rest enhances the secretion of the growth hormone, which is something you want when you’re trying to get a toned physique.  A good night’s rest will not only give your body the time it needs to heal, but it will also make you feel fresh every morning – ready to face the day. Less sleep has been known to cause cravings, and a substantial decrease in overall weight loss, which is counterproductive to the whole weight loss program if that’s what you’re aiming for.

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    Drinking plenty of water is half the job. For all the gut-wrenching exercises you’ll experience on your fitness journey, your body needs to hydrate regularly. Water controls and regulates the body’s temperature, it aids proper digestion, lubricates the joints, and transports nutrients all over the body. It is arguably the most important substance in the body.

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    And that’s why it’s important to drink plenty of it and avoid dehydration. When exercising, the body cannot perform at its full capacity unless it has been stocked up with plenty of water. Hydrating during workout sessions is important. Drinking plenty of water before and after workout sessions can regulate the body’s temperature and give you a strength boost. Sports drinks should be chosen carefully, as some of them could end up doing more harm than good. They are usually loaded with calories and sugar.

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    Working out with a friend

    As clichéd as this might sound, it’s one of the most effective ways to get fit. Getting fit is all about consistency, not giving up, repeating exercises, and has to include a change of lifestyle to accommodate new goals. All these things may take its toll on the mind and body, without proper guidance. It would be almost impossible not to give up that’s why it’s important to find a friend that will help push you over, through, and around obstacles. Anyone could help you really; it could be a mentor, a friend, or your very own personal trainer. All you need is someone who will keep you going through the good and hard times.

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