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    Forget the gym, find a passion to keep you fit

    No one likes going to the gym. These days, the gym is more like a photo shoot, full of people taking Instagram videos and selfies, than a place to exercise. Not to mention it’s usually dirty and expensive. We have all heard the expression “do what you love and the money will follow.” The same philosophy can be applied to getting in shape. Find an exercise that can become a passion, and working out won’t feel like work, but rather an enjoyable activity. The results will inevitably follow.

    Finding an activity to be passionate about is easier said than done. The gym is an easy solution to exercise but having a gym routine for the long-term is like trying to quit smoking cigarettes. You keep trying to go to the gym because you know it’s healthy, but it’s so boring that you never commit to life. It might take some trial-and-error, but finding an activity that becomes a passion provides a long-term workout solution.

    One of the simplest ways to begin searching is to determine whether individual activities or group activities will be better for you. Everyone is motivated differently. Some people need to be motivated by peers. Others are better at self-motivation while some need activities that are based around his community. Remember your childhood-type of activities that you are passionate about, the ones that you disliked, and the reasons why you preferred certain activities to others. For example, some people who strive to be self-motivated and could become passionate about an activity like running or swimming. Those who enjoyed activities like gymnastics or dance might prefer to have a community of support but still do things a bit individually and could try salsa dancing, CrossFit, or rock climbing. Those who favored group sports can easily find sports leagues to join or pick-up games to play daily.

    When passion is involved, working out is fun, desirable, and consistent. Actually, to say it’s consistent would be an understatement, passion allows continual growth. When something is enjoyable rather than mundane, that is usually because of the combination of elements of learning and affinity. We are typically passionate about things that come easily to us in some ways, shapes, or forms. Picking up new knowledge, moves, and styles of an exercise is exciting because it builds upon something a person is good at and keeps feeding the passion. Thus when passion is involved, obtaining a goal is easier than when passion is left at the door.

    Thinking in terms of reaching a goal within the activity or exercise rather than a physical goal of weight loss will inevitably lead to a healthier, and more active lifestyle because the passion is driving forward the action. Everyone has something that makes them tick. It is just a matter of discovery.

    Get out there and explore the world of enticing activities! Life is short. Don’t waste your time at the gym. Spend your time productively doing the exercise that you love and the results will follow.

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